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Re: Saudi Arabia

We have a job offer as a Teacher at the Al Hada Hospital international School in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Enclosed is your
Visa Instructions
Before you go!
Acceptance Forms (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
We already forwarded a copy of the Authorizing Fax for your signature.

Your employer will be United Medical Group.  It is very important that we know if you are accepting or rejecting as soon as possible by email to as there are other applicants interested in the position.If you are accepting the offer, return one signed copy of the authorizing fax and the enclosed acceptance form to our office by fax to 678-302-7201

The general terms and conditions of employment are as follows:
  • Initial one year contract commencing upon arrival. You are expected to arrive by August 27th
  • The school year begins the last week of August and continues through mid June. The exact dates of the mid year break (about one month) and the other school holidays will be provided shortly.
  • Salary is 12,000 Riyals per month/12 months plus the current (2009) 15% COLA. This is about $44,000 USD per year. Usually you will receive about $3,700 each month from September through June and then the balance in one lump sum to cover the summer months.
  • Two week bonus at end of each contract year.
  • Free Ticketing from  the closest airport to Taif, and ticketing at the end of each school year.
  • The position is single status meaning that you can not take your family.
  • In addition to your salary the employer provides free furnished housing and medical coverage.
  • You are responsible for food, utilities and recreation expenses.
  • There are no Saudi Taxes at present. Please check with your accountant about the tax exemption.

We will provide details as we get closer to your departure.If you have questions send email to It is important to keep us informed of your progress.
Mobilizing Staff PLEASE NOTE: All positions have a ninety day probation period during which your employer has the right to cancel your contract without cause. Also, although we have a confirmation and a contract from the employer, your employment can not be guaranteed until a work visa is obtained from the Saudi Embassy.